About Adult Social Care

Introduction to Adult Social Care

Adult Social Care services help people from all walks of life, as well as their families or carers. Someone may need support because of illness, disability, old age or poverty. Local authorities are responsible for providing social care services, some of which may come from independent providers.

If you need help to take care of yourself because you are getting older or have a disability, then Adult Social Care may be able to help you.

We offer a wide range of information and services to support and help you. These include

  • healthcare
  • equipment
  • help in your home or in a care home
  • community support and activities
  • day centres
  • help for people with disabilities
  • financial support
  • information and advisory services, and advocacy
  • support for carers

Some of these services are free to all adults, but others may ask individuals to contribute towards the cost. The amount a person pays is dependent on your financial situation. 

Who are Services for?

As a Local Authority we provide a wide range of services for adults who live within the council boundaries. This could be for those who are dependant on others for care and support because of their age, a disability or a health condition.

We also provide support for carers who look after a dependant adult. 

How do I request a service?

It is possible to request services by contacting the council directly by telephone. Alternatively, you can complete an online assessment by clicking the below.

These cater for both an Adult with support need, as well as a Carer with support needs.

Complete an on line Assessment